Xiomara Bernard    

It was very informative, to the point, and uplifting! Shaun is an extremely talented actor and gifted teacher. He has known struggle firsthand earlier in his life as well as his success now, so he will understand your starting point from where you are now and will guide you to the next step that you need to go. I highly recommend him for any coaching that is needed.

Berle Stocks

"Shaun is an outstanding teacher, actor, life coach, and human being, who always tries to " Help someone and make someone smile !" 

Devin Trillen     

"Through my experience I was able to free myself from the negative associations that comes with waiting in the hall before the audition and auditioning period. It changed my approach from looking at the audition process as an interview or chance to act , to ACTING, period. That alone has changed the trajectory of my career for the better.​"

Trent Beals

​"Shaun has helped shape me as an actor, his advice, hisexperience, and his wisdom has helped me be patient moldingme to have a greater craft. He is an amazing spiritual leader that Iwould recommend to anyone! I am honored to not only call himmy mentor, leader, but also a friend!"