Acting is art recreating life. It's the opportunity to take words on a script and bring them to life while creating a whole new world. My greatest joy comes from the constant progression and fulfillment of my students along their journey to reach the dream within themselves and within this fantastic profession.

I have been an actor for 12 years.

I've done over 50 films and commercials

I've been a writer for 6 years

I've written for Backstage, Daily Actor, NYCastings, Medium, Uplifter Entertainment.

My goal is to teach the actor how to create a well rounded life and career of freedom and creativity.

-Shaun Robert Grant 

My business/coaching stands out because I am dedicated to being as genuine and creative as possible when it relates to helping my actors/actresses become the very best they can be through unique acting, auditioning, wisdom and intuitive practices. My prime objective is ALWAYS to devote whatever I need to in order to allow any performer realize the greatest version of themselves on and off camera. It starts with the unconditional love of the actor and the art of acting.

-Shaun Robert Grant