When you woke up today did you feel like the greatest actor or actress on the planet? You may be wondering where I’m going with this, but I want you to think about it for a moment. What separates you from Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Amy Adams or Viola Davis? To be honest, outside of the obvious accolades, the only thing that separates you from them is the belief and confidence inside that you are the very best. THAT’S THE DECIDING FACTOR! YOUR INNER GAME AND HOW IT SERVES YOUR LIFE.

I can remember in an interview I watched with Will Smith a while back, he mentioned how even before he became a household name, he knew that he was a star before anyone else. Now at first glance it would seem crazy, but universal law states that our outer reality reflects our inner state. Every block or obstacle outside of you is only an obstacle inside of you that you need to overcome. Anything, and I mean anything can be conquered through patience and meditation.

So when you see some of the biggest stars on the planet, get excited. Why? Because you are only a few, couple or possibly one decision from being in the same place. My father in law who was a super successful investment banker once told me at dinner one time that the biggest thing to succeeding is: GETTING OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY. That’s it! Get out of your own way. Open up your heart and your world to what the Universe not only wants, but desires to give you. All of your dreams are possible. Start right there by recognizing that you are living in a dimension of perpetual possibility. Possibility is in your nature, and then it becomes probability which eventually becomes reality. So I urge you, believe in yourself like you never have before. Start right now in knowing that you have all that you need to not only be uncommonly successful, but abundantly fulfilled. All you have to do is choose. Make that choice today and wait patiently for when we’re watching you experience your moment of being the best Hollywood has to offer. I’m going to hold you to it! 


Shaun Grant


I was on the phone talking to my brother today and he begin to tell me things about my career as an actor that I was never aware of at the time. I had no idea so many people believed in me as i was striving to succeed in a career that most people just give up on.

Honestly, it really felt awesome to hear that, because I was a hot mess as I was going through one of the most successful times of my life. What’s interesting is that I sort of divinely “stumbled” into being an actor back in 2007. I loved it instantly. But there was a problem that existed that I would like to prevent you from doing the same.

I just wasn’t ready…I wasn’t ready to succeed the way that I did…

At the time, the 25 year old me just wanted the approval of my peers…THAT WAS IT! Once I got that it was almost like, well, what’s next?

It’s pretty laughable looking back at it now because it just kinda happened.

One of the funniest, yet fulfilling times of my career was the reaction that I got after booking a big role while living in New Orleans. Almost two weeks of filming went by until my cast mates figured out I wasn’t from New York or Los Angeles.

The questions came pouring in…’’How did you book this role?…Did you fly to Los Angeles first??…Do you know one of the producers?” HA!

I was like nope, nope and…NOPE! My response was simple. I just desired to be good enough to be hired…And that’s exactly what happened.

BUT, I didn’t have a plan. One success after another, there I was standing there attempting to figure out the next move, but having absolutely no idea about what was next.

The one big difference then as opposed to, me, today is I operate from my heart intertwined with my mind, not just my mind…

Instead of wanting to be good enough, I know already that I am one of the best actors to ever do it on this planet. I have the wisdom, understanding, knowledge, technique and experience to prove it.Although that may seem cocky, it should. Because as a performer, you need that edge or you will get stepped on!…Period.

Just that simple, yet massive shift creates the firm idea in my mind that I am a business, not just an actor.

“I am a business, not just an actor…”

A while back, I would just show up, do a great job, get paid and go home…You can see why it was such a struggle.

Now I have a checklist that ensures that I can continue to create success and longevity in the entertainment industry.

I can honestly tell you, this has made a huge difference in the fulfillment I’ve experienced now, as opposed to the past. Here is the checklist that I go into every production with:

-Is the director relatable? Is he personable enough to build a relationship with? (The best directors are the ones you can build a friendship with. They’re not only invested in your performance, but in your well-being as well.)
-What blogs or video series can I share from my experience? (There’s always an opportunity to learn and teach.)
-Are my fellow cast members people I could use in my own films?
-How can I raise the vibration of the people around me?
-Can I share my scripts with any of the producers?
-Did I value each interaction with everyone a part of the cast and crew? (Are you leaving a positive or negative impression?)
-Does everyone I work with have a greater since of who I am as an actor, writer and person?
-What is the biggest takeaway from this experience?

I never used to carry a notebook around at all, but now when you understand that you’re not just an actor, but also a business, you see the world as a place full of ideas and opportunities to be creative.

When you understand that you’re not just an actor, but also a business, you see the world as a place full of ideas and opportunities to be creative….

This is when I was finally able to come full circle. My biggest mistake was not being prepared to take advantage of my opportunities. I can admit that with no trouble whatsoever.

By not looking at my career as something that I could expand into this well oiled machine, it just fizzled out. In order for that to not happen to you, I’m going to share with you the most important aspect for any actor or actress.

Never go on any set with the feeling of neediness or desperation. Own your greatness and allow others to feel that in you. If you’re desperate, you will repell everyone….

Once again, own your greatness, own your confidence and know without any doubt whatsoever, you belong on set in someone’s film or tv show. It is your birthright and your destiny!!

Claim it and come full circle!


Shaun Grant


When I say star, I’m implying someone who stands out for outstanding work and is recognized by people within their industry, and often times outside of it. It’s definitely one of the most rewarding things anyone could ever experience.

But, it’s an interesting paradox that takes place that makes all of this possible. Let’s get into the process.

I look at my life of almost thirty eight years and I can honestly say, I’ve succeeded at everything I’ve tried. That’s not to say I hadn’t had massive failures within those successes. But all in all I’ve succeeded and there’s been one constant present in every one of those successes. Let’s go deeper as we discover that one quality that will revolutionize your life.

When I was a child, the number one thing that drew me in to anything was Joy.

Joy was always this thing associated with fun, laughter, excitement and creativity.

I just couldn’t get enough joy as a youngster. Whatever it was, if joy was present, I was all involved. I took this same approach into middle school when I began to participate in organized athletics, and even as I found myself getting into dancing.

Imagine only being able to choose things in life where you could just lose yourself in the moment and lose complete track of time?

I truly loved it, and I still do to this day. But as we get older, we’re falsely led to believe that it’s not about joy, but more about other things like:

-Making other people happy
-Making money the sole focus
-Always caring what other people think
-Doing things out of convenience
-Choosing competition over creativity

Each one of these things listed, by the time I was in high school, I had chosen all of them at least once. Looking back on it all, it was a sad time in my life. What I was truly doing was suppressing the soul’s urge to shine and shine brightly….

I knew in my heart that I didn’t want to do that anymore. So as I evolved to a higher consciousness, I made a promise to myself:

I was always going to follow my joy…No matter what anyone had to say about it! This was my life and I was going to live it that way…

And this is what made the difference…Coming to the place and not settling for anything other than joy being the driving factor. And when the joy was lost, I walked away.

Think about this for a moment…What would truly happen to your life if you chose joy over convenience?

I can already tell you right now…You would be happier, more fulfilled, you would make more money, you would be excited about life….And yes, YOU WOULD BE A STAR!

Joy is that one quality that not only drives you to do your best work, but it keeps you focusing on what’s more important…THE IMPACT OF ALL THAT YOU’RE DOING! Anyone who focuses on money alone, fails! Anyone who just wants recognition and all the credit, fails! Anyone who is not in it for the pure joy of it all will fail!

This is why people do not become stars. Their reasons are not strong enough to keep rolling when everyone else quits. They’re unable to see the joy even in the struggle. You, my dears, can be a star today in any field that you choose to be. You are that dynamic!

But, understand that the one quality you must possess towards your endeavor is pure joyfulness! Don’t focus on the money, don’t focus on the guarantee, don't become entitled….

Focus on the moment and fall in love with whatever it gives you and return it right back with all that you’ve got! This is what will make you a star!


Shaun R. Grant