Shaun Robert Grant is proving himself to be an emerging versatile talent in Hollywood. In addition to landing commercials with the likes of 

NIKE and EA Sports, Shaun Grant appears in the blockbuster “LOOPER” starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-

Levitt as a menacing, gun wielding character “Gatman.” Shaun received praise from Bruce Willis and other cast mates for his discipline, skill and professionalism on set after displaying one of his many talents as a stuntman in front of the best in the industry.

His adaptability on screen stems from his real life experiences. Much like his performance in the indie hit “WINNING DREAM” as he plays Kenny Kiwa, a 22 year old track star willing to do anything for his dream. Born and raised in New Orleans, LA Shaun excelled in athletics which taught him the value of discipline, dedication and determination. All o these aspects are an important piece in his successful career as an entertainer. The ability to stand out among many transferred itself from the athletic fields to the movie screens. 

After beating out hundreds of participants to book his very first role in “RAY” starring Jamie Foxx as a dancer, his first significant role came in Paul Weitz’s (American Pie) Cirque Du Freak: Vampire’s Assistant. This role enabled him to work with world class talent and solidify his confidence as a bonafide performer. When it rains it pours, his in depth spot on portrayal as a vampire in Weitz’s film, landed him a role in the horror flick “WOLVESBAYNE” starring Jeremy London.

Shaun knew that he was only scratching the surface of his potential. He not only made it his focus to hone his craft on his own, but also trained with some of the most seasoned coaches in the industry. Some having as many as 300 credits under their belts! Shaun believes every actor should take class, but notes that: AN ACTOR’S BELIEVABILITY IS CONTINGENT UPON HIS ABILITY TO AUTHENTICATE REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES ON CAMERA.” Although the training was intense and vigorous, Shaun found time to step away and star as a lead in R&B sensation Ne-yo’s “NEVER KNEW.” A video that was created for the Disney film, “THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG.” This meant a lot because it centered around his home town of New Orleans. Shaun says, “ANYTHING THAT CAN TAKE YOU HOME IS WORTH IT.”

                       THE OUTLOOK


After booking a high profile job and landing numerous commercials, Shaun turned his attention back to film where he would be cast in a role that would not only prove how great of an actor he was, but the truth that he could hold his own on camera with a cast that featured some of the most iconic figures in the film industry.

Shaun Grant starred as “Billy” in the film “BLOOD OUT” with a star studded cast that included the likes of Val Kilmer, Vinnie Jones, Curtis “50CENT” Jackson and Luke Goss. Shaun plays a
young, well trained integrity driven cop that is willing to help his friend and partner bring justice
to a case in which his brother was killed. During filming 50 cent was quoted saying, “HE IS ONE OF THE MOST TALENTED, BELIEVABLE ACTORS I’VE EVER SEEN.” Coming from a man whose worked on a few films with Robert DeNiro on a few films, this was high praise. Luke Goss was also quoted saying, “NOT ONLY IS HE TALENTED, BUT VERY COMPASSIONATE AND GIVING AS AN ACTOR. IT SHOWS THROUGH HIS DELIVERY.”

After establishing himself as standout talent, Shaun has continued to display his skills in films such as BRAWLER, NO

FLOODWALL HERE, and DIGITAL LOVE OF A ROBOT SOUL. After filming a spot as a fitness expert for Nat-Geo’s “HOW

HUMAN ARE YOU” Shaun has turned his focus to writing and producing. He is set to produce and release 3 films, through his company Uplifter Entertainment, next year all written by him. Those films are “NIGHT TRAIN” “TRUTH UNVEILED” and “RING WARRIORS.”

“The next step for me is to continue to work as an actor but also delve more into the creative process. This way I can ensure that the work I am inspiring will be of an uplifting nature.” -Shaun Robert Grant!

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"Vibration becomes the actor's highest objective. Whether it's career or in a scene, the actor always succeeds with the right vibration."

​-The Vibrational Actor